Trendsetters Salon Delivers Free Back-to-School Haircuts to Appalachia

Trendsetters Salon Delivers Free Back-to-School Haircuts to Appalachia

Last Saturday, July 29th, Trendsetters Salon of Clarksville sent a team to Jellico, Tennessee, with a friend Roxanna Lawdonski to serve locals preparing for back-to-school. Roxanna has traveled from Clarksville with aid efforts for less fortunate folks in East Tennessee for the last five years, usually twice a year—the back-to-school season and Christmas season.

Her efforts began after a trip on which she noticed many of the local kids were either barefoot, wearing worn out shoes, or shoes that didn’t fit. Now she runs a ministry she calls Jesus Shoes, where she takes up to 300 pairs of shoes at a time, along with socks and underwear, to the people of East Tennessee.

Two years ago, Roxanna brought the issue to Annette Myers, owner of Trendsetters Salon, to partner with her in a back-to-school shoe drive, which the salon was honored to participate in. This year, however, Trendsetters took more than just shoes, they took four hair stylists to give free haircuts to kids going back to school this year.

Roxanna, along with Trendsetters friends LeeAnn Brandon and Laura Vaden, fitted children with new shoes, while other teams of people from Tennessee gave out backpacks, school supplies, and clothing.

Hair stylists Anika Smith, Angie Cox, Teresa Lyon, and Annette Myers of Trendsetters Salon gave needy children of Jellico upscale salon treatment, and for many children, it was their first ever professional haircut.

The team heard many stories on Saturday, of parents expressing need for school supplies, of broken homes, of addiction and incarceration, of children going barefoot after school to preserve the lives of school shoes. Most importantly, they met beautiful, sweet people who deserved to experience God’s love. Trendsetters was happy to be a part of loving on our East Tennessee neighbors.

Trendsetters stylists also ended up giving haircuts to parents, allowing children to be their assistants by holding mirrors and spray bottles, and even donning aprons like the stylists. Teenagers gained new confidence. Children left feeling valued and joyful. Trendsetters was the first salon to do back-to-school haircuts like this in the area, and they hope it becomes a trend for years to come.


Kim’s Louisiana Trip – Flood Relief Effort

Last week, our Trendsetters friends, clients, and family along with members of our community came together to gather supplies to send with Kim and the team she traveled to Denham Springs, Louisiana with for their flood relief efforts. Together, this team worked on houses affected by the flooding that devastated the area the previous week. They removed mud and mold, they tore down walls, gutted homes, removed furniture, and cleaned up in preparation for these homes to be rebuilt. Trendsetters was able to collect bleach, utility knives, spray bottles, and several Lowe’s gift cards, and send it all with Kim.

Trendsetters thanks everyone who contributed towards this effort! It is such an honor and privilege to be able to love our neighbors in Louisiana through your generosity! Special thanks to Patty Halbreck, Gloria and Randy Suggs, Jonny and Beverly Jenkins, Jackie Gillis, T&S construction, Judy Holton, and anyone who dropped off donations.

Kim with Donations

Below are some pictures from Kim’s trip. Thank you Trendsetters family!

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Louisiana Flood Victims Outreach

Our stylist, Kim Williams, is going to Denham Springs, Louisiana, this weekend to help with a restoration effort for homes affected by the recent flooding. They will be gutting houses and removing damaged walls and flooring to help these homes get ready to be rebuilt. We are collecting items for cleaning up and getting rid of mold and water damage. If you would like to donate to this cause, we need your donation by Saturday, August 27th, at 2:00 p.m. The following are the kinds of items we’ll need. You can bring them by the salon, and Kim will load everything up before she heads out of town. Thank you for partnering with us on this opportunity to love our neighbors in Louisiana!

Items needed:

  • Bottled water
  • Work gloves
  • Bleach
  • Masks
  • 2-gallon sprayer
  • Mops
  • 1- to 5-gallon buckets
  • Spray bottles
  • Gift cards to Lowes or Home Depot